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You pretend to break your screen and then rub it with a cloth and it slowly heals! (directions)
An "X-ray" App goes wrong and looks past the card, thru the hand to 5 cards below! (directions)
Four friends pick a card and your iphone reveals them all!(directions)
This Geiger Counter app uses the radioactive heat from the person's hand to find their card. (directions)
You "scan" a card with iPhone, push the print button & the card appears on your screen.(directions)
A card is picked, You shake a deck in your phone & the chosen card magically rises. (directions)
Additional Magic Tricks
The choosen card is counted down to too on both the iPhone and the deck.

A card is picked & you write the subjects initials on it. The card rises out of the iPhone deck with the initials!
(This is my best trick!) (directions)

Is the hand quicker than the eye? Watch carefully, turn up the correct card to Pick the Pope.
Popecentration! Match Popes in this Vatican version of the classic game of Concentration.
What's the Pope doing in a slot machine? He's waiting for you to get 3 Popes in a row and win.
Pick the most Aces and You win!
(1 to 10 players)
The Original Card Cutting Game.
Choose the high card to WIN.